What is the K18PEPTIDE™?

Keratin (or polypeptide) chains determine the core strength and elasticity of your hair. 

When they are weakened and broken, the hair structure is damaged, leaving it without resiliency and shine.

While shampoo and conditioner will treat the cuticle (outer layer) of your hair strands, the K18PEPTIDE™ can reach the billions of polypeptide chains in each hair strand, reconnecting and strengthening them. 

This incredible technology starts the process of hair repair in minutes!

Talk to your stylist about the K18 products best suited to your hair.

Ask for treatment in Salon or buy to take home!

Second day of using K18 at home & still loving it!!

Never had such shiny, smooth looking hair that is soft, but still the volume I love for my fine hair. Plus colour looks really striking…

Very impressed!! Recommend to everyone!!  Thank you also for the cut, it has really helped it feel thicker…Hoping it will now strengthen.

Thank you again, so pleased xx

Hair Gallery Client