We’re delighted to welcome you to The Hair Gallery!

Please book online to make your appointment with us.

Thank you for booking your appointment with us!

Please don’t underestimate the importance of supporing small local businesses like us.  The fallout from pandemic restrictions and the challenges of these economic times have hit everyone hard, and we are glad to be serving our community once again.

At The Hair Gallery we want to protect our clients and our team even though pandemic restrictions are over. 

Our procedures continue to be regularly reviewed in line with the guidance available from the Hair and Barber Council.  We maintain a high standard of cleaning, hand washing and sanitising procedures.  

Our team are not required to wear masks in the Salon, but are happy to do so if you would like.  Please let us know your preference when you arrive at the Salon so that we can make sure you feel comfortable.

Instead of bringing back paper magazines, we now have a digital magazine service.  You are welcome to access this on your own iPad or phone in the Salon by scanning a QR code – and there are over 90 magazines to choose from!

We look forward to welcoming you!