We’re loving the results from Fabriq’s new Reset treatment!

It is carefully designed to rebuild and rehydrate your hair, leaving it soft, strong, shiny and simple to style.

The Fabriq Reset protein blend treatment permeates the very core of your hair, strand by strand.

The results speak for themselves – hair which looks glossy and gorgeous. 

As it should be.

Treatment Prices

Short hair £99 | Medium hair £149 | Long hair £199

Fabriq Reset

Allow around 3 hours for your Reset in-Salon appointment.
After the full treatment, you’ll have straight, glossy hair which lasts up to 4 months!

Fabriq’s Reset Treatment Process – what happens in the Salon?

~ Shampoo, rinse after 5 mins, and towel dry;
~ Fabriq Regulate spray combed into hair;
~ Fabriq Reset keratin enriched treatment is applied from root to tip;
~ We leave it in for 30-45 mins… bring a book and we’ll provide a cuppa!
~ Hair is rinsed and Fabriq Lock is applied;
~ Hair is rinsed and heat dried;
~ Hair is ironed to heat seal the treatment into hair…

…the results speak for themselves.

Maintain the look…

Fabriq’s Reset treatment rebuilds and reshapes your hair, with long lasting results.

Before your first post-Reset shampoo, make sure you rinse your hair with cool water for 3-5 minutes first.

Use the Fabriq Hydrate or Fabriq Build Shampoo* and Conditioner* or Mask* to keep your hair healthy, protected and looking fantastic.


*these products are available to purchase in-Salon

Always a lovely welcoming experience at the Hair Gallery…with a really talented and friendly team who know their stuff!