Hair Bonds…What, Why & How!

What are Hair Bonds?

Our hair is made of a strong, fibrous protein called keratin which forms ‘fibrils’. The complex structures of keratin in our hair are held together by two types of bond.

1. Hydrogen: these are temporary bonds which, when heat is applied, can change the style of hair.  These bonds give our hair its elasticity.

2. Disulphide: these are permanent bonds which maintain the shape of our hair.  They are the bonds that makes our hair strong and resistant to breaking.

Why do Hair Bonds matter?

Hair bonds are responsible for the shape, strength, elasticity and shine which characterises our hair. They matter because, if the bonds break, our hair strands will become brittle, damaged and ultimately break too, leaving us with short and broken hairs throughout our style.

1. Hydrogen bonds are broken by the application of water, be it through washing or simply a humid atmosphere.

2. Disulphide bonds are broken by the hair being heated by a hairdryer, curling tongs or straighteners, and by the application of chemicals such as those used in hair relaxants or bleaching.

How can we look after our Hair Bonds?

Simple routines like drying hair or swimming in chlorinated or salt water can damage our hair unless we are careful. The good news is we can treat it!

In terms of daily routine, we recommend using the appropriate shampoo for your specific hair type, before rinsing in lukewarm water and conditioning.  Be gentle – scrubbing the scalp results in a lot of combing to detangle hair, and this causes more hair breakage.

Air drying is the least damaging method, but often not practical!  Wrapping hair in a towel turban, avoiding vigorous rubbing, and then drying with low heat will help minimise damage.

How can the Hair Gallery Team help look after your Hair Bonds?

We recommend regular trims and treatment to maintain and encourage healthy hair.  At our Salons, we use Schwarzkopf Strong Bonds products to target broken hair bonds, repairing and reinforcing them to restore your hair to its natural strength and shine.

All the colours we use at The Hair Gallery also include the Strong Bond technology, which ensures your hair is protected throughout the colouring process.

The Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure and Fibre Force range are available to purchase in our Salons.  Your stylist will be happy to talk to you about the best products for your home haircare regime.

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