Mad about Curls & Waves!

No two of us have the same hair texture or style no matter how hard we try…and if you’ve been blessed with curls and waves you ought to flaunt them while the rest of us look on in envy!

The new Schwarzkopf Mad About Waves & Curls range has arrived in our Salons, just the thing to titivate your tresses. There’s a regular cleanse, care, protect & style treatment routine for all hair types and textures.

If you’ve got curly hair, you’ll be familiar with that tight, dry, frizzy feeling!  Schwarzkopf’s Mad About Curls range incorporates deep hydration properties alongside the cleansing Aquarine Complex in their products.  Your hair is protected against breakage and heat and the detangling made easier. The end result?  Smooth, healthy, well defined curls!

The wavy haired among us will benefit from the sulfate free cleansing and hydration on offer in the Mad About Waves products and the unique Refresher Dry Shampoo is a gift in itself, lifting the roots so as to avoid greasy or limp hair the day after washing.