The Hair Gallery Salon is delighted to be a Schwarzkopf Salon!

We pride ourselves in outstanding client care, and this includes recommending products appropriate for each individual hair type and style. 

Our partnership with Schwarzkopf means that we receive creative training by Schwarzkopf directly, using their products, so you benefit from our up to date knowledge and skill.

We stock and sell Schwarzkopf products – make sure you talk to your stylist about what will work best for you.

The Bonacure range boasts hair care products that work on every element of your hair, whether you need help with frizz, dryness, colour, age, volume or sun damage…

The vegan keratin formulation in these clean products rebuilds each strand of hair from the inside out.  The vegan care complex technology fills the gaps on the surface of your hair, sealing it for maximum protection, strength and elasticity.

Bonacure produces beautiful results and healthy hair.


This 38-shade collection has been carefully designed to enable your stylist to enhance your natural hair colour. 

Using the Natural, Cool or Warm colour palette, we will build on the naturally occuring lighter and darker strands of your hair to produce fantastic, natural-looking hair colour and gloss.

The classic IGORA colour range continues to rock the world of colour. 

With 143 different shades, every colour is a possibility with IGORA Royal. 

Penetrating to the pigment, the unique lipid formulation optomises and seals the colour into every strand of hair. 

Superb colour and long lasting results.

Schwarzkopf’s carefully formulated products with sustainable packaging give you outstanding results while being environmentally responsible.